Virgelio Carpio

New York, NY

Virgelio “Billy” Carpio has been photographing New York City since 2009. He uses HDR (high dynamic range) processing, a digital photography technique that balances lighting in high contrast scenes. Combined with slow shutter speeds, HDR eliminates moving objects in a photo – cars, traffic, people – and occasionally leaves a lone individual standing or sitting still against the expansive cityscape. The effect can be surreal. Because whereas the lone individual is in reality engulfed in traffic and commotion, the resulting image is devoid of crowds save for that lone individual in a seemingly Zen-like state.

Virgelio hopes that through his photos you will have a unique experience of the skyscraper canyons that is New York City, one in which you can focus on the people that inhabit it, one solitary figure at a time.

Books by Virgelio Carpio