Ashley glen photography

Edinburgh, but travelling

I am a photojournalist. Focusing upon a documentary style of images shot throughout the untapped, unreported parts of the world. I want to focus upon my career whilst living my passion of travelling and exploring cultures and people which are of interest to my work. I hope to combine my love for photography and travelling together to encompass a strong portfolio of work. I graduated in BA Hons Fine Art and Photography in 2009 and feel that my qualifications are not enought.

Poco a Poco se anda lejos (Little by Little One Walks Far) is my first large scale book costing quite a lot but is large and FULL of exciting work that took me months to process!

Enjoy and thanks.

Areas of Expertise

Capturing shots in difficult situations and in danger.
Studio work.

Professional Affiliations

Being able to travel and do my work together! Please visit my website for press, past exhibitions etc. Thanks

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