Wayne Diehl

Canyon Country, California

When my daughter became pregnant with my first grandchild, Owen, I decided that I wanted to write a book for him. It was supposed to be a first-reader type of book; one that we could sit in a chair together and have fun with. The idea was to tell a story about the difficulties his parents had in trying to decide what to name him. “Lookout Dr. Seuss,” was kind of my thinking.

But that’s not what came out. “The Boy With No Name” is not a goofy, “Hop on Pop” kind of book. But it does have a happy ending. I’m not sure when his mother will let Owen read his book. Probably not for a long time.

I am now working on a story for my granddaughter, Layla Rae. It’s about a young girl during the Revolutionary War in Philadelphia. The characters are going to have the real names of Layla’s ancestors who lived and participated in those historic and tumultuous times.

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