Wayne Cook

Duncanville, TX USA

I have been a traveler, adventurer, sailor, pilot, artist, philosopher, engineer, musician, composer, and now author. It is not hard to imagine doing any of these things. It is hard to achieve any of them. As a child, I dreamed as most children do, and because I had something to prove, I set about going through one door after another until at age 40, I found myself on the astonishing side of accomplishing nearly every dream as a child, I'd ever had. Desire sits like a cartoon angel on one shoulder, whispering in one ear. Criticism of every kind, whispers its demonic naysaying in the other that it's too big, it's too much, too hard, you are too average, too plain, too anything but what is the right stuff. The armchair is the enemy of accomplishment. You must reject it early in life, and be driven to be what you want to be. You must never ever give up. I CAN do all things through Christ! Phil. 4:13

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