Susanne Wehr

Stadt, Bundesstaat, Land

Susanne Wehr’s artistic approach to collect slides from estates, to sight and to re-arrange them is not to be considered merely an archiving of a conglomeration of images that is open to historical interpretation; it also opens up innumerable possibilities of how we view photography. With the initial procedure of opening boxes, packages or cartons, Susanne Wehr emphasizes that the way we see something, the „how to look at it”, has become indispensable within the discourse of contemporary photography. Contrary to this critical reflection, the silent instant in which the slides are discovered and unveiled from the darkness of the depths remains an autarchic moment. Through the sensitive eye of the photographer Susanne Wehr, the intimate gestures and process of disclosure and presentation is transferred from the private into the public sphere.
Numerous Exhibitions

Books by Susanne Wehr