Wendy Dreaney

Bremerton, WA. USA

As an internationally successful producer and stylist, Wendy Dreaney has worked for the past twenty years at the left and right of the camera. Wendy now finds herself centered directly and very comfortably behind the lens. This professional evolution formed organically from combining a razor sharp sensibility for the finite details of creating an image with her open and witty observation of the world. Her personal influences are a heady mix of vintage screwball films of the 30’s and 40’s, a family heritage of literary obsessed academics, and a morbid yet cheery interest in monuments to the famous dead. There are suitcases full of Wendy’s anecdotes. To hear them you’ll just have to meet Wendy and see the world as she does, from four eleven and 3/4.

Books by Wendy Dreaney