Wendy Testu

San Francisco, CA

These small books document the journey we have been on with the Welcome To The NeighborHOOD project, a community arts project by Wendy Testu. A collaboration with artists Robert Larson, Keba Armand-Konte, Taylor Neaman-Goudey, Eve S. Mosher, Sam Slater, Monica Jensen and youth from Literacy For Environmental Justice. A residency from 2008-11' has lead the participants to create work about their personal experiences, gentrification and displacement, the opposing forces of man vs. nature, art as activism, the positive people and influences in their community and the environmental and social justice issues facing the community of the Bayview/Hunters Point neighborhood of San Francisco.

Every meeting was filmed and photographed in order to create these books and a documentary film. To serve as a reminder of the process we went through and ultimately to reflect upon what we learned from each other.

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Books by Wendy Testu