Suzi Marquess Long

Mendocino, California, USA

My years of secretarial training come in handy now with computer skills, but I've been a self-supporting artist since 1979 when I began WhimsyWalls, my mural painting business in Honolulu, and then in Marin County, CA.

Murals of mine have been shown in NEWSWEEK, SUNSET BOOKS and three times in BETTER HOMES & GARDENS.

In 2006 I opened a watertower gallery in Mendocino where I show and sell my beautiful plein air pastel landscapes and seascapes. I've studied pastel painting with Ruth Hussey, Bob Rohm, Michael Chesley Johnson, Susan Ogilvie, Albert Handell, Margot Schulzke and Richard McDaniel.

International Artist magazine included one of my barns in 100 WAYS TO PAINT A LANDSCAPE.

I teach a drop-in sketching/watercolor class to visitors who come to Mendocino, and I travel to other communities to teach sketching and demonstrate pastels.

Santa Cruz, CA, is my hometown and I love to go there to visit friends. The northern California coast is my ultimate inspiration.

Books by Suzi Marquess Long