Christine Humphreys

Louisville, Colorado

Christine Humphreys is a professional Photographer based in Louisville Colorado. She has been capturing images for over 20 years. She has earned her reputation as an award winning Wildlife and Nature photographer.

She is noted for her creativity in the field: not only in composition and lighting, but also in her use of equipment, and knowledge of animal behavior. Chris photographs what speaks to her. Driven by passion and love of the natural world and the adventure of exploration and discovery. She photographs the wonders of the smallest of animals, the expanses of the grandest landscapes and the alluring of fleeting wildlife.

Some of her spectacular shots include the orange sand dunes of Australia, outrageous sunsets, beautiful glaciers, storming mountains, and crashing waves. She has the innate ability to capture the emotions and beauty of these spectacular animals in their natural form. Her underwater shots of unbelievably bright corals and colorful fish are breath taking.

Books by Christine Humphreys