Tanya Merced


God has given me a passion for many things, including relationships, writing, teaching, the poor, and missions. I am fortunate enough to live these passions out in my position as a wife, and son who was diagnosed with Aspergers' Syndrome at the age of 2 and staff member of Hands Foundation.

In that role, I have learned how to help and prepare Christians to serve people. I have spoken about my experiences at local churches. I have given workshops at conferences, and have taught small groups regarding mental illness; the need for Christian holistic community development. Additionally, as a person living with Bi-Polar I can empathize, identify and serve others with various disabilities.

In 2007 and 2008 I was able to accompany Dr. Sandrie Serrano-Smith on missions to Mexico and San Diego, California.

Books by Tanya Merced