Anna Bishop Hargrove

San Marcos TX

I retired after 36 years of working at the
Social Security Administration (SSA). My last position, which I held for almost six years, was as “Technical Expert for Quality”. This position required me to process the most complex workloads as well as train and mentor other employees.
I had been involved in training less experienced employees in the complexities of SSA law and procedure from early in my thirty-six year career.
And sometime in those early days, I began to say, “I can answer any question about social security with just two words--”That depends.”

The reason for this all-purpose answer is that the Social Security Act, not to mention the myriad technical instructions required to administer it, is extremely complex. It took me many years of dedicated work and research to acquire the knowledge I have about social security programs. I have written this book to share it with others who may find it useful.

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