Judith Cody

the great Northwest

Judith Cody is a national award winning poet, author, and photographer who is widely published throughout the United States and abroad. Her visual arts have won awards, and appeared in juried shows. One of her poems and archives is in the Smithsonian Institution’s permanent collection. She is also a rosarian, and she is devoted to teaching organic rose gardening, which led to the idea for this book. She has received a lifetime achievement award from the University of California’s Master Gardener Program.
She believes that great pictures of roses need to tell us more. Her poetical style demonstrates this. Photographed by natural light, the photos in this book tell us that this is the breathtaking rose we can still discover in beloved gardens everywhere. These organic roses are ravishing, whether in wind, rain or fog, they seem illuminated with all their historical, and mysterious glory. They are radiant beneath the ever-shifting sunbeams of the seasons.

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