Andrew Ashton

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Ashton trained as a traditional designer and offers over twenty years of communication and creative practice. Ashton has with a diversity of clients – corporates, government leaders, philanthropists, thought leaders, marketers, artists, educators and entrepreneurs, bringing together outcomes in brand development, communication tactics, conceptual thinking, writing, art direction, image making, and craftsmanship.
Products, online journals, created brands, print campaign, DIY design, speech writing, editorial tactics, parenthood, pop-up concepts, presentation ideas, opinion pieces, public projects, long walks, overprinting, stone walls, digital spaces, process driven brands, social media actions, personal reinvention – are some of Ashton’s recent creative projects.
Ashton lectures at the Art & Design Faculty of Monash University, Chaired and reinvented the 2012 AGDA National Awards in Melbourne, Ashton co founded Melbourne’s Nite Art project launching July 2013.

Books by Andrew Ashton