Martina Zancan

Padova, Italy

My name is Martina Zancan and I'm a young Italian photographer. I was born in Padua and I started taking pictures while attending a secondary school focusing on humanities. After graduating in Communication Sciences I attended a fashion photography master at the John Kaverdash School, Milan. In 2007 I had my first personal exhibition and took part in other exhibitions. After working as in-house photographer at Allison S.p.A. from June to December, 2007 I decided to open my own business. In September I'm going to move to Barcelona and work there as freelance photographer. I basically work on fashion, still life and portraiture, but I love artistic and conceptual photography too. I also use to edit my pictures (I have lectured on Adobe Photoshop at the University of Padua) and I love to mix photography and graphics to create something new and hybrid.

Books by Martina Zancan