Steve Shaluta

St. Albans, West Virginia, USA

Steve Shaluta is a professional photographer based out of St. Albans, WV. He became interested in photography in 1978 after borrowing a friend’s 35mm camera to take nature photographs. The photography bug soon bit him and in 1985 after nearly 15 years working as a locomotive engineer in his hometown of Grafton, WV, he resigned to become a full time professional photographer. A decision he has never regretted.

Since 1985 Steve’s primary career has been as a staff photographer for the state of WV photographing its natural beauty and attractions to promote tourism. But he also has a very successful freelance photography career. Between both careers he has had literally thousands of images published over the last 37 years, including well over 350 magazine covers and to date 11 books.

To view more of Steve's photography or to purchase prints visit Steve at www.steveshaluta.com.

Books by Steve Shaluta