Dora Schievink

Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada

I am passionate about wellness and healing the world with tools for raising consciousness. And I hope this book will raise some consciousness about how devastating war can be. This should never happen again and I fear it is. Perhaps not to the same degree, but we need to be aware of other means that the powers that be may be working to curtail freedoms in our world right now. And to perhaps take another view on processed foods and how the chemicals there may be poisonous to us. This is a story that I hope will make you think about how quickly a government, given the right political climate, can take over a country and how devastating it can be on the people. In my mother's case, the time of war for her caused wounds that she could never shake - so much emotional turmoil at such a young age. This is a picture of contrast... what I don't want in my world. In peace, Dora