Zera Walpole

Perth, Western Australia

As a lesbian parent of a beautiful son, I wanted to find children's book that reflected his homelife, as well as that of other mainstream and diverse families. Finding many amazing books about gay and lesbian parents, I realised that a child of a known donor, as our child is, was not yet represented.

Therefore I decided, with the help of my partner and my son's many wonderful cousins to illustrate and write a story book just for him.

This is my first book and I am very happy to individualise the contents to reflect a family's specific circumstances - the more the merrier!!!

As a social worker, a parent, a partner, a lesbian and an advocate for children's rights, I know the importance of acceptance for all children in our world. I hope this book goes some way to helping our children accept themselves, whilst the rest of the world catches up.

Books by Zera Walpole