Johannes Zits


Johannes Zits is a multi-disciplinary artist who explores art making through various media, including video, digital imaging, photography, collage and painting. Focusing on the body and the many meanings it engenders, Zits’ work draws attention to the conventional image-making process and the way images from mass media are disseminated and consumed.
Since graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from York University in 1984, Johannes Zits has shown his work across Canada as well as internationally in venues that include The New Paradise, Taipei (1997); Fotogalerie, Vienna (2000); Galerie Nord, Berlin (2004) Canadian Culture Centre Paris (2005). In January of 2008, he presented a large solo exhibition at the WRARF in Caen, France and presented new work at Wilde Gallery in Berlin. In April of 2010, he conceived and produced the initial presentation of the performance-based work ‘Embodying Nature’, a collaboration with the artist, Ren Qian in Chongqing, China.

Books by Johannes Zits