Ziva Santop

Westlake Village, CA USA

My given name "Ziva" means "ray of light", which turned out to be
prophetic as I developed my photography skill and keen eye while working at a top Entertainment and Public Relations photography studio in Los Angeles.

Growing up in South Africa, not only visually stimulated me by her natural beauty but also taught me tolerance to those less privileged then I. These attributes are depicted in my work.

Exploring the four corners of this vast world is an addiction for me and as a photographer it fulfills me to be able to capture the various cultures and natural surroundings. I have traveled to over 30 countries.

While traveling, I often volunteer my photographic services to several non-profit organizations as I feel that it is important to give back to those less fortunate than I.

My images have been published in several newspapers, magazines, books and calendars and have been exhibited in Los Angeles.

Books by Ziva Santop