Charlie Bright

Lake forest Park, Wa. 98155

I'm an adventure traveler. Been doing it all my life, mostly outdoors, camping, hiking, bush plane, but now taking up 3rd world trekking. Been to lots of Alaska hunting and fishing, many trips into the Idaho Wilderness flying out of McCall, was a hot shot firefighter, the Bushmen, out of Entiat Washington back in the late 60's, fly fish and coyote hunt mostly now and more into photography, oil painting, and trying to take up writing. Have been in about 20 businesses, the last being furniture business. Had a factory in China but sold my interest and pretty much retired. Have four daughters and a lovely and caring wife, two out of college (just) one a junior and one in 7th grade. My 7th grader, Kelsey has MD which creates some challenges for all of us but we are a very loving family and we are adapting. Am thinking of setting up a little adventure travel business, maybe get back into the furniture business, and finish up a book I started on my Hot Shot days.

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