Agile Fulfillment Program

Printing a large number of books? Our warehouse pick-and-pack service can help you to lower costs and raise earnings.


Take care of your inventory—warehouse it

Large book orders don’t have to mean a garage full of books and endless shipping headaches. You can lower your printing costs, manage inventory, and even speed up shipping times by printing in bulk and letting Blurb handle the warehousing and fulfillment. No garage required.

Blurb’s Agile Fulfillment program is ideal for authors with crowdfunded book projects, speaking engagements, or any other reason for printing books in advance, in quantities of 50 copies or more. Printing in bulk lowers your costs—savings you can pass on to your readers through a lower list price (check out our offset printing for even bigger savings). Warehousing makes all those books manageable. When orders come in, we pick-and-pack the books and ship them immediately. That’s all there is to it!


How the Agile Fulfillment Program works

1. Contact our friendly sales team for a volume order quote.

2. We’ll get your book printed, stored, and ready to ship. Books are stored at a nominal fee per copy.

3. When orders come in, the books can ship immediately from the warehouse—no need to wait for books to be printed.

4. Books sold directly through Blurb or the Blurb to Amazon program are eligible for Agile Fulfillment. Books sold through the Global Retail Network are not eligible.

5. Books in inventory are insured. If any books are damaged or destroyed while in storage, we will replace them without charge.