Make a wedding book

Big, beautiful formats meet easy creation

  • Books made easy

    Apps for Mac and PC ranging from easy drag-and-drop to fully custom layouts.
  • Archival quality

    Photo book options with Mohawk paper and premium end sheets and linens.
  • Tools for photographers

    Wedding photographers can use Blurb tools to charge clients directly.

We offer a number of paper options, including two Mohawk papers. For our hardcover books you can choose from different end sheets and linens, to make your book truly unique.

Case Studies

  • Kristen and Heather

    Wedding Book

    Kristen and Heather
    By: Mike Plunkett
    Format: Large Square (12×12 in., 30×30 cm)

    A large format photo book makes the perfect album to show off and revisit for years to come.

    Large Square Photo Books start at for 20 pages

  • Abby and Chris


    Abby and Chris
    By: Sara & Rocky Photography
    Format: Standard Landscape (10×8 in., 25×20 cm)

    Abby and Chris gave the traditional guestbook an upgrade by using a photo book of their own pictures.

    Standard Landscape Photo Books start at for 20 pages

  • Bob and Rose

    Anniversary Book

    Bob and Rose
    By: Millicent Harvey
    Format: Standard Portrait (8×10 in., 20×25 cm)

    With photos of their first meeting, this great gift showcases a lifetime of love between Bob and Rose.

    Standard Portrait Photo Books start at for 20 pages

  • Grace & Parson

    Engagement Book

    Grace & Parson
    By: Grace & Parson
    Format: Large Landscape (13×11 in., 33×28 cm)

    Grace & Parson preserved their engagement photos in a beautiful hardcover book.

    Large Landscape Photo Books start at for 20 pages

Want to get an estimate on your wedding photo album? Try our Pricing Calculator to estimate the unit cost for a specific project. Our volume discounts start at just 10 copies. To calculate your shipping costs and delivery time, check out our Shipping Calculator.

Easy book creation

  • Bookify

    Simple photo books with Bookify

    • Make your book online (no need to download software)
    • Choose from our pre-designed layouts
    • Add short captions and text below images
    • Upload images from Instagram, Facebook, or your computer
  • BookWright

    Customizable photo books with BookWright

    • Downloadable software offers more creative control
    • Build your own layouts or start from a template
    • Add photo captions or import large text files
    • Drag and drop images from your computer onto the pages
  • Adobe Lightroom

    Adobe Lightroom

    Adobe® Lightroom® makes it easy to organize and edit your wedding photos. Plus, Blurb is integrated into the workflow, so you can make a book with drag-and-drop ease within Lightroom.
  • Adobe InDesign Plug-In

    Adobe InDesign Plug-In

    Already use Adobe® InDesign®? Install our plug-in to automatically create Blurb-ready blank templates and even upload your wedding book project without leaving InDesign.
  • PDF to Book

    PDF to Book

    Already have a wedding book in PDF format? Use our specifications calculator to fine-tune your PDF to a Blurb-friendly book size. Then simply publish and order your book.

Wedding Photographers and Blurb

It’s never been easier to document your client’s wedding day and have Blurb fulfill their book orders. The best part? No upfront costs and you can bill your client through the book sale. Here’s how it works:

  • 1.

    Upload the wedding book to your Blurb account

  • 2.

    Set it up at your desired price (this price should account for your intended profit)

  • 3.

    Send a link of the uploaded book to your client

  • 4.

    Your client buys the book directly from Blurb

  • 5.

    Blurb pays out 100% of the post-print profits via PayPal

Ready to make your book?