10 Home Office Wall Art Ideas

Forget the days of tedious, utilitarian office spaces and drab walls. Your home office or creative workspace can be a reflection of your personal style. Studies also show that the look and feel of our work environment can influence our energy, mood, attention, and stress levels. So it makes sense to create an atmosphere that helps keeps you calm, focused, and inspired.

Making your own wall art is a great first step. A touch of color or a relaxing image can put you at ease and inspire a positive outlook. Meanwhile, multicolor patterns can stimulate the brain and keep things exciting. If your home office setup needs a little makeover, start with these DIY home office wall art ideas.

01 Color by Mood

Whether you’re seeking a quick energy boost or a moment of calm, the colors you surround yourself with can make a big difference in your outlook. For example, bright orange and vibrant green can be energizing, yellow is often uplifting, and blues can range from breezy and serene pastels to cool and confident royal blue. (Don’t believe it? Try a little test run. Everyone has colors that are naturally appealing or off-putting.) Pick one or two signature hues you love, and create custom office wall art in the same shades.

02 Family Moments

Putting meaningful memories on display can provide just the right balance of comfort and inspiration in the middle of a busy workday. So why not add a personal touch to your home office? Turn photos from a family vacation, holiday gathering, or special occasion into beautiful, one-of-a-kind office wall décor and create your own visual story.

Home Office Wall Art Idea: Family Moments

03 Vintage Style

When it comes to interior décor, are you drawn to furniture, art, and design with an antique vibe? Play up the retro style by making one-off pieces of DIY wall art and decor in the same vein. Scan and enlarge vintage family photos to create new keepsake prints. Use a floating shelf to display black and white photos alongside unique objects de art, old-school sports memorabilia, or classic movie mementos.

Choose Canvas prints to evoke the classics with warm woven texture and painterly feel.

04 Calming Neutrals

Some people work best in a room with fewer visual distractions. If colorful photos and bold patterns break your concentration, opt for more subtle office wall art. Crisp white décor, black and white photography, and wall art in neutral shades (cream, tan, or gray) can provide a fresh, calming backdrop. Plus, this color palette fits in with any style of decorating, from rustic to retro to ultra contemporary.

05 Abstract Thinking

Bold stripes. Geometric prints. Shapes and patterns in nature. There is so much visual inspiration to be found in the world of abstract art. Seek out compositions that catch your eye,  and decorate your home office walls with original prints made from your own abstract photography, paintings, drawings, and designs.   

Try a Metal finish on your wall décor for an edgy, modern look.  

Home Office Wall Art Idea: Abstract Thinking

Having a hard time choosing just one piece of wall art for your home office? The answer to your design woes might just be: the more pictures, the merrier! Put together a mix of photos, inspirational quotes, drawings, or paintings, and arrange them to create a stylish gallery wall display. Go for a perfect grid with art prints that are all the same size, or mix it up with large and small pieces in different frames and finishes (try Metal, Canvas, or Acrylic). Enjoy watching your collection grow.  

07 Statement Piece

If designing and arranging multiple pieces of wall art feels overwhelming, keep it simple. A single powerful image may be all it takes to capture the imagination. Add instant style to your workspace by turning one photo you love into a large piece of wall décor. Maybe it’s a panorama travel photo that soothes the mind, or a vibrant illustration to stimulate new ideas.

Go for a glossy Acrylic print to increase the wow factor of your wall art.

08 Nature Lover

You may not be able to pop out for a stroll in your favorite natural spaces every day, but you can still bring the beauty of the great outdoors inside your workspace. Use photographs of your favorite landscapes and seascapes, local flora and fauna, or beautiful vistas to create custom home office wall art prints. It’s an easy way to add a breath of fresh air and a new viewpoint to the room (you could even think of it as another window).

Home Office Wall Art Idea: Nature Lover

09 Photo Collage

Take a cue from visual artists and designers who know the creative power of a mood board, and make a home office wall art display of pictures and objects that inspire you. A visual collage can function as a unique decoration on its own or it may also help you organize ideas. The concept is easy: Gather photos, drawings, quotes, and imagery that relate to a particular theme, project, color, or feeling. Your theme could be as simple as “people I love” or “dream destinations” or even “turquoise.”

10 Just Your Type

Sometimes a few simple words do the trick to help you refocus and recharge. You can design your own artwork using an inspirational quote or motto, or a single word that makes you smile. Choose the font, color, and imagery that capture the sentiment best and fit your décor. Best of all, typography and text-based graphic art never go out of style.

For more wall décor ideas and inspiration, explore the blog. If you’re ready to create a Wall Art print, choose a design tool to get started.


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