31 Things to Do Before December 31

December is here, kicking off one of our favorite times of the year! Whether you’re hitting the road for vacation or hunkering down at home, the whole family has downtime. Keep old traditions alive, try something new, and capture all the family fun.

Here are 31 things to do before December 31 arrives and that New Year’s ball drops!

Hit the slopes

Plan a weekend trip to a ski resort. Even if it’s not everyone’s favorite activity, they’ll enjoy the lodge.

Lace up your skates

Many communities create holiday rinks for the public.

Go sledding

Find a nearby hill and get a few runs in.

Build a snowperson

Charcoal eyes and carrot noses are classic. But don’t forget to use hats and scarves too!

Have a snowball fight

Just remember to keep it below the shoulders and not get carried away.

Make a snow angel

Add some signs of peace to the season by making a snow angel. 

Sing holiday songs or go caroling

Bring some cheer to your neighborhood by giving the gift of song.

Have a listening party

Do you love holiday music? Seek out a streaming music playlist and turn up your speakers.

Try a new recipe

Cook a new dish that may make its way onto your regular rotation.

Bake for your pets

Prepare a safe, pet-friendly treat in the oven.

Make a recipe book

Put your family’s best recipes into a cookbook. Then, share some copies with relatives.

Watch a holiday movie

Prepare some popcorn and catch a holiday film. With so much on Netflix, it’s never been easier.

Read a book

Find a cozy nook in your home and grab that book you’ve been meaning to read.

Game night

Now is the perfect time to play a board game.

Solve a puzzle

Challenge your brain by putting together a complicated puzzle.

Get colorful

Coloring books aren’t just for kids anymore. In fact, they can help de-stress and spark your creativity.


Pick a cause that interests you and spend a few hours making the world a better place.

Decorate your home

Bring cheer into your home with festive decorations.

Host a holiday potluck

It takes the pressure off having to do all the cooking and everyone will enjoy the smorgasbord of foods.

Take a tour of the holiday lights

Pack a warm beverage and take a walking tour of your neighborhood.

Make a fire

Place a blanket or rug in front of the fireplace and get cozy.

Warm beverage buffet

Organize a tasting of the most delicious winter beverages. Hot cocoa, apple cider, and eggnog are all great choices.

Crafting call

Try making ornaments or a wreath to hang on your door.

Make a photo album

Put your photo prints in an album and have fun discussing the memories.


Set aside some time to think about what went well and what didn’t over the past year. Then set some intentions for 2017. If you need some structure, read this post.

Make a bucket list

For a simpler version, write down all the things you’d love to finally do in 2017. They will become that much more likely to happen if you do.

Best photos of 2016

Sort through the photos on your phone and favorite the best ones of the year. This will make it easy if you decide to take the next step and create a photo book.

Construct a family tree

Interested in your family’s history? Interview family members and create a family tree.

Call your relatives

If you can’t see your family in person over the holidays, you can call or FaceTime to keep in touch.

Write a letter

There’s nothing like receiving a handwritten letter.

Send holiday and New Year cards

Make sure your friends and family’s mailboxes are filled with more than junk mail.

Have some ideas of your own to share? Leave them in the comments below!


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