5 Best Book Types to Publish for Holiday Shopping Lists

Savvy self-publishers know that timing is everything when it comes to promoting a book. What better time of year to leverage shopping trends and boost book sales than the season of holiday gifting? As long as you plan ahead, you can ensure that your book project is ready to order in time for the holidays, and you can select a genre or subject that appeals to gift-givers and book lovers.

We recommend making one of these book types to sell if you want to get your book on holiday shopping lists.

1. Cookbooks

Food, family, and tradition are a huge part of the holiday season, so it’s easy to market cookbooks as a go-to gift. Creating a cookbook to sell is also a great way to share your love of delicious cuisine and your unique point of view.

Before you begin, make sure to choose a cohesive theme. Is it a collection of spectacular dessert recipes, seasonal family favorites, or dishes from a certain part of the world? Together, your photos and commentary will tell the full story behind the recipes. Personal anecdotes, travel stories, culinary tips, or cultural perspectives can add rich detail as well. Remember, people will be drawn to the storytelling and presentation as much as the food, so choose your book cover, layout, and theme carefully.

Ready to make a cookbook?

2. Notebooks & Journals

From big dreamers to pragmatic planners, writers to designers, artists to entrepreneurs, everyone needs a place to organize their ideas! That makes notebooks and journals a popular choice for holiday selling and gift-giving.

Decide who your audience is first since that will help guide your content and design decisions. Maybe you want to create a playful idea journal or a daily planner for people to stay organized heading into the new year. Or you may choose to make a pregnancy journal or travel notebook inspired by your own experiences. If you are a designer or illustrator, consider creating a sketchbook that alternates your own drawings with blank pages. Think about how your interests might translate into a fun gift idea—the possibilities are endless!

Create a notebook or journal to sell.

5 best holiday books - Feelings

3. Travel Photo Books

Got a camera full of travel pics? If you have a knack for photography, turn your favorite travel memories into a professional-quality photo book to attract holiday shoppers. Travel books have broad appeal because they feature cities we know and love, destinations we dream of, and a unique perspective on the world around us.

A well-designed travel photo book can be displayed as a work of art, or it can captivate a fellow globetrotter and inspire lively conversations. Capture the full experience of your journey by including an introduction to add personal context, or include simple captions and let the images speak for themselves.

Make a travel photo book today!

5 best holiday books - Adventures

4. Limited Edition Magazines

Magazines are one of the most versatile, accessible, and popular formats out there. You can find a magazine for every subject matter imaginable, so decide what makes your edition stand out from the crowd. Designers, artists, and storytellers may opt to present a collection of their own work or collaborate with friends to create a special edition to boost holiday sales.

Selecting a framework or theme for your magazine will not only help you organize the content, but it will also give shoppers a clear idea of what’s inside. Do you want to showcase a series of visual artwork only or make an anthology of photos, illustrations, poems, and short stories? Will, the magazine issue be centered around a specific topic, like design, music, drawing, hobbies, sports, or outdoor adventures? You might even create an alluring guide to your city, featuring hot spots, local history, fun facts, and influential people. A magazine can be anything you dream up, so it’s time to put your thinking cap on!

Create a magazine for holiday selling.

5. Specialty Books

Books in this category are typically designed to appeal to a wider audience, making them great to sell as stocking stuffer gifts. Maybe you have a hilarious and heartwarming story about your pets that would appeal to book lovers of all ages. If so, make that book! Shoppers looking for a lighthearted gift might also reach for humor books or how-to guides with clever advice (think: party or wedding planning, travel tips, parenting tales, life hacks). For many, the holidays also represent a time of reflection and new beginnings, so self-care and inspirational books with quotes, life lessons, or personal essays resonate especially well.

Start by choosing a topic you are passionate about and knowledgeable on, then make sure you have a unique story to tell and a clear point of view. Your book title and cover design also need to draw in holiday shoppers and convey the subject matter at a glance. If your goal for this book project is to keep book-making costs down and profit potential up, consider making a trade book. Trade books are a beautiful and economical choice, and they’re ideal for global distribution and selling.

Now that you have your eye on holiday gift trends, it’s time to get started! What kind of book will you make to sell?

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