5 Helpful Tips to Pursue Your Hobbies or Passions

Is there a new hobby or project that you have been meaning to start but haven’t? Maybe it’s practicing yoga, learning to cook Japanese food, or writing your first book. Whatever your passion, it’s easy to get distracted or busy dealing with life’s responsibilities, but your interests and passions are an important part of who you are. They’re worth exploring to the fullest.

We all have the same number of hours in our day, but consider how you can make some small changes to accomplish what you’ve always wanted. Discovering how to get back into your hobbies can see overwhelming. But if you already have a passion for something, learning how to develop that hobby can be very rewarding.

Maybe you have a passion for writing but don’t know how to pursue it. Our writing tips may help inspire some ideas for you to develop writing as a hobby. Or you love taking photographs but have struggled with developing that hobby into something long-term. Well, you’re in the right place to reignite your passions. Here are five things you can do to get started and pursue your passion until the very end.

5 Tips for how to develop your hobbies

    1. Break it down into small steps
      Trying something new can be overwhelming so you might find it helpful to break it down into a few essential steps. For example, maybe you want to pursue your passion to start an online store. It could easily get overwhelming when you consider you’ll have to make products, build an email list, write copy, and develop a marketing plan. Write out the steps and concentrate on one thing at a time. Know that once you learn how to do each of these steps, you will know it for life and be able call upon it as needed.
    2. Make it a habit
      It’s no secret that we get better with repetition. If you want to play the guitar well, you’re going to have to practice a lot. It can be helpful to schedule a specific time in your day to do this or even create a trigger so that your mind gets used to the habit. For example, practice immediately upon waking up or right after eating dinner. It will help you make that habit automatic. If you want to develop a hobby, the more consistent you are with it, the longer you will stick to it.
    3. Find an accountability partner or group
      Strength in numbers is a powerful thing. Try finding someone else who wants to purse the same passion as you. For example, join a writers’ group that meets up to write every week at the same time. Alternatively, you may want an accountability partner that you meet with regularly. Knowing you will have to talk about your progress and take responsibility is motivating.
    4. Enjoy it
      Make sure you enjoy what you’re doing (at least most of the time). They don’t call it a passion cause it’s a burden. You need to be excited about the activity and not dread it to be successful at it. One thing to ask yourself is whether this activity is something you are legitimately interested in or whether it’s something you feel like you should do because of other people. Remember, this is about doing what you really love! Be sure to pursue your own passion and not someone else’s.
    5. Reconnect with why it matters
      There are going to be days where you just don’t feel up to doing anything, but it’s a not a great excuse. Think about the end goal or even how performing this action or skill will be able to help other people in your life. It will remind you that what you’re doing is important.

Need inspiration to find your next hobby? Explore some creative ideas to get you started!


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