8 Ways to Decorate a Staircase Wall

When home decorating, most people focus on the kitchen, living room, and bedrooms first, before realizing they overlooked a great space for wall décor: the stairs. With a little inspiration, you can turn a functional part of your home into a fabulous gallery display. You don’t have to work around furniture, so it may even be one of the quicker, easier design projects on your list.

As you think about how to decorate a staircase wall, start by choosing a general layout that fits your space. Do you plan to use one or two pieces of art as a focal point, or create a sprawling gallery wall of images? After that, the next step is really up to you! Check out these staircase wall décor ideas to get the creativity flowing …

01 Portrait Wall

Portraits of family and friends are a natural choice for wall art since everyone has a growing collection of photos on their phone at any given moment. Gather up those sweet and funny candids of the kids, or mix in school photos and holiday portraits—there are no rules. You can also make it a collaborative project for the whole family, and let each person choose a favorite photo to turn into wall décor.

Staircase Wall Decor Idea

02 Natural Landscapes

You simply can’t go wrong using gorgeous landscape photos to decorate a staircase wall. Choose a theme—mountains, tropical beaches, desert, or forest scenery. Or build a collection of photographs and drawings that capture all different aspects of the natural world. See where your inspiration leads you.

03 Animal Inspiration  

From creatures in the wild to cats and dogs at home, animals always provide captivating subject matter. Bring your staircase walls to life with photos, illustrations, or paintings inspired by the animals you love. We never tire of photographing our pets, so put those cute pictures of fuzzy and feathered friends on display where you can enjoy them each day. Maybe wildlife photography is more your speed? Create a trio of images from an adventure in the great outdoors.

Staircase Wall Decor Idea

04 Wanderlust Travel Photos

When you can’t get away to your favorite destinations, you can still relive scenic vacation moments at home. Decorate your stairwell with travel memories and inspiring vistas from the city and countryside, near and far. Why not capture the excitement of going places, even if you’re just on your way to the next room?

05 Abstract & Graphic Designs

Wall art featuring soft swirls, vibrant stripes, or geometric shapes fit in anywhere, with retro, modern, or rustic décor. Depending on the colors and patterns you choose, abstract photos and designs can create a whimsical mood or chic, elevated style at a glance. You can even lighten up a dark staircase or brighten a white wall by adding a series of bold, colorful prints.

06 Flower Garden Series

Bring the joy and vitality of the garden inside. Keep it simple with a couple of drawings or photographs from your own backyard, or go for an abundant collection of wall art prints. Decorate your staircase wall with a gallery of color and black and white photos, drawings, paintings, and graphic designs featuring beautiful blooms and plant life. Adding a mix of close-ups and panorama images will also add interest.

07 Black and White Photos

When you’re looking for wall décor that doesn’t compete with its surroundings, black and white photography is a beautiful, versatile option. Whether your images are subdued and sophisticated, or edgy and dramatic, they will create a classic look that complements vintage and contemporary décor. If you have an eye for architecture, portraits, performing arts, nature scenes, or abstract imagery (or anything in between), transform your best work into black and white prints.

Staircase Wall Decor Idea

08 Wallpaper Meets Wall Art

There’s a wonderful and creative array of wallpaper patterns to choose from out there, so why not have fun with it? You can go the traditional route and use wallpaper to create an accent staircase wall that doubles as a backdrop for your favorite photos and wall art prints. Or cut out sections of wallpaper you love, and frame them or collage them to make instant, one-of-a-kind wall décor.

Transform your original photos, illustrations, and designs into beautiful Wall Art. Create on your phone using our quick and easy online tool, or download BookWright and get started today.


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