Author Spotlight: Lorenzo Princi

Lorenzo Princi discovered Blurb back in 2012 when he accidentally mistyped his blog URL,, and ended up on the Blurb website. Since then he has been using our platform to design portfolios and fun notebooks, as well as producing a book to showcase the modelling and painting work of Luke from the Sound Machines Commission Miniature Painting. These projects paved the way for Lorenzo to create and self-publish a monthly magazine using Blurb called Caffeine & Concrete. We spent a little time learning more about Lorenzo and his passions in life. Read on for more.



Tell us more about Caffeine & Concrete
With this magazine project, I’m able to publish the stories of as many successful individuals as possible. Each 32-page volume features one individual who I interview (over coffee) and use their best quotes to create concrete poetry inspired layouts. I’ve been amazed so far at the response from the interviewees and from those who are following on social media.

Your idea of happiness is…
Fulfillment, doing what you love, whatever that is, and enjoying it to the point where you don’t think of it as work, and of course sharing that with people you love.

Who is your favorite author?
Favorites are always difficult, perhaps in terms of inspiration I’d say Dante Alighieri, not just because of his amazing works, but also his interesting life.

If not yourself, who would you be?
I’ve watched too much Star Trek to give a straight answer to this? It gets too metaphysical, would I be me and them simultaneously? Or would I not know anything about who I am now? If I was conscious of the experience, chances are I’d find that even though I thought it would be cool to be them, it’d turn out they had all the same problems as the rest of us. If I had to choose though, someone tall!

What do you appreciate the most in your friends?
Their hard work and dedication, their ability to change their lives completely when they weren’t happy or fulfilled. It’s inspiring.

Your favorite book is…
My favourite book is usually whatever book I am enjoying at the time. It’s too hard to single out a favourite from all that I’ve read and very difficult to compare something like The Divine Comedy which I love yet struggle to entirely comprehend, to an X-Men comic which I can enjoy just as much in one sitting.

The natural talent you would like to be gifted with is…
Something musical.

What’s your our favorite motto?
Fail fast! Basically, if you have an idea, break it up and test it small before you spend too much time and energy only to find it doesn’t work or wasn’t what you intended.

Want to see Lorenzo’s projects? You can see them here >


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