Black Friday gift guide: plan your week

With Black Friday right around the corner, the holiday countdown has officially begun. This is your chance to make unique gifts and get the best deals of the year. No matter how much time you have this week, you can make a meaningful book or original wall art that your friends and family will love. We’ve got the tips and tools. You bring the winning photos.

Got 1 hour?

When you start with a small batch of photos, you’d be surprised what you can create in 60 minutes—or less.

1. Create custom wall art

There are always one or two photos that are absolute favorites. A sweet moment. A stunning landscape. A special portrait. Turn those eye-catching images into one-of-a-kind wall art gifts quickly and easily. Choose a size and style for each print: timeless canvas, glossy acrylic, or sleek metal. Then edit and add filters to get the right look. With our online tool, simply upload a photo and create wall art fast.

2. Make a family memory book

Was there a family gathering, weekend road trip, or outdoor adventure that was extra memorable? Choose a set of photos spanning a day or two so you have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Then start making a quick family photo book with BookWright, our free desktop software. In BookWright, click Create and use the quick design feature to auto-flow your photos into one of Blurb’s designer templates. You get flawless photo book layouts, stress-free.

Got 1 day?

A lot of creative things can happen in 2 hours . . . or 24 hours.

3. Design a notebook or journal

Custom notebooks and journals make great gifts for anyone on your list. You can use the new year as inspiration (make a daily planner, dream journal, or idea notebook) or personalize your gift for the recipient (print a sketchbook, travel journal, or recipe notebook). Have fun customizing your book cover to cover, with up to 480 blank, lined, square, or dot grid pages. Pre-built notebook layouts in BookWright make it easy to mix in your own illustrations or photos. Crunched for time? Just choose a cover image and make a blank notebook in minutes!

4. Print a funny photo book

It doesn’t have to be your greatest hits album. Maybe it’s more of a blooper reel. A mix of snapshots that make you smile or laugh. Round up funny photos from the year and make a fast photo book that captures life with family and friends—silly faces and all. Don’t overthink it. Just use the quick design feature in BookWright to auto-fill your pages. Try the Everyday Classics or Summertime template for simple, inviting layouts.

Got 1 week?

Check your list, make a plan, and watch your great gift ideas come to life.

5. Design a cookbook

Love getting creative in the kitchen? Turn your best recipes and food photography into a special cookbook to gift your loved ones. (If you’ve been documenting your foodie experiments on social media, you’ve got a head start on creating a cookbook.) Take a couple of days to gather your recipes, photos, and notes. Will you organize your book by theme, season, or type of meal? Once you have a recipe order, use a pre-built cookbook template in BookWright to make page layouts a breeze. Allow a day or two to write up captions and stories, a table of contents, and check your recipe steps. On the last day, all you have to do is design a cover.

Use these 10 tips for creating a cookbook, and check the blog for more inspiration.

6. Create a travel photo book

You’ve traveled to incredible places and taken in some stunning landscapes. Share the thrill of your journey by making a travel book gift. Give yourself at least 2 or 3 days to gather, sort, and edit your best images. Then take a shortcut in BookWright. Let quick design auto-flow your photos into a designer photo book template (we like Road Trip and World Travel for a mix of portrait and landscape shots). Add captions or stories, and off you go. 

Here are 9 great tips for creating a travel photo book.

7. Make a layflat wedding album  

Whether you have wedding photos from a professional photographer or a set of personal favorites, you want to create the ultimate keepsake to hold those memories. Use the full week to design a gorgeous layflat photo book with luxurious, heavyweight pages and dramatic two-page spreads. Take your time sorting images the first day or two, so you can talk about the photos together and remember special moments. Then explore designer templates in BookWright and see which one best captures your story. Try the Modern Romance or Celebrations template for inspiration. Your choice of premium layflat paper will also give the album its own look and feel. Bonus: every layflat book arrives in a foil-stamped, brilliant white box, so it’s ready to gift.

Start creating your personalized holiday gifts.

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