Black or White

Tile of black or white


Okay, you’ve probably seen these books before but I wanted to share them once again because I keep hearing this same conversation when I do talks and workshops. The conversation really centers around black pages. “I’m a serious photographer and I do documentary work, guess I need black pages in all my books.” No. You might not. This isn’t a “better or worse” scenario. This is a decision made on overall design, NOT because you think you are a serious photographer. And why would you do what you think you are supposed to do when your JOB as a creative is to take chances, blaze new trails and be contrarian for the sake of being contrarian? Whether you are using color imagery or black and white, the page background will make a tremendous difference in how your work is consumed. These images should supply a nice little conversation piece. TYPICALLY when I show these the viewer immediately responds with an immediate one or the other and then releases a torrent of impossibility at the OTHER option. It’s what we do. I get it. It’s okay. Opinions are valid, caring and much needed. Me, I try to ask myself WHY I’m so in love with one or the other. Again, no right and wrong…just different. By the way, these books were only made as a test but I actually like them. 7×7, 240-page, Imagewrap, Proline Uncoated. Sadly they have both disappeared. If you have them send them back and I’ll send you a prize.


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