Blurb at Modernism Week

“Why are we here?” I repeated back to the gentleman in enormous sunglasses who was leafing through a copy of CATT Architects 30 Years. “Even books need vacations.”

I was joking, of course. The books, like me, had been working hard all weekend, representing Blurb at Modernism Week, an annual celebration of Midcentury Modern architecture. Palm Springs is the unofficial capital of this architectural and interior decoration style largely known for its clean lines. It’s exemplified by the likes of Pierre Koenig, Charles and Ray Eames, and Joseph Eichler.

We were there because we’d played a part in one of Modernism Week’s signature events. The Modernism Week Show House. We sponsored and printed the guide that takes visitors from room to room. Under the lead of Palm Springs designer Christopher Kennedy, a collective of interior designers and social media personalities gives a house a full interior makeover. This year, the house was Villa Golightly. The domicile of blogger (and a self-styled modern day Audrey Hepburn) Kelly Golightly. The house is an explosion of color, pattern and texture, almost too fantastic to believe. Indeed, as one woman told me upon exiting the house on the first morning, “it’ll wake you up!”

The real answer to the gentleman’s question, is that we were there to show how Blurb’s print-on-demand platform can do more than just print guides. It can serve the needs of architects, designers, landscapers, bloggers, and high-end appliance manufacturers. Even those who just have a passion for taking photos.

I also talked to every room designer there. Each one told me they’d been thinking about doing a coffee table book, magazine, or catalogue. “Well,” I told them, “now’s your chance. Do this.” In a business where you’re creating tactile, physical spaces, a physical book can do more to replicate the experience than a website.

Now, the books and I are headed home (though, at least one of us is going to take a dip in the pool before boarding the plane). Starburst chandeliers, pink marbled wallpaper, and pastel shag rugs will be dancing in my eyes for a while. Until I pack up my suits and head back down next year.


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