The Blurb Roadshow: What’s next?

In the fall, our valiant Blurb team hit the road to kickoff phase 1 of our Roadshow tour. The aim was to really connect with our people on the ground, in person, face-to-face, while creating really unique events and experiences. We were blown away by all of the goodness that came from these events. We met with customers (old and new), developed new partnerships with people and communities, and we spread the Blurb love in cities across the globe.

We walked away inspired by the people we met—the stories, art, and books that people shared. It was reassuring that we were doing the right things with the right people! What can we say? We think you’re awesome.

So, it’s time to get back out there. We’re heading back to Europe to kick off phase 2 of our Roadshow tour this spring. Several factors help us determine where the roadshow will take us next:
1. We look at our customer base in each city along with books created in each market.
2. We really get to know our local authors, their style and self-publishing trends in each city.
3. We also look at cultural trends, partner programs and communities, and events that align with our vision.
4. We scope out concentrated areas with designers, photographers, artists, foodies, bloggers—the communities of creators that really are our bread and butter.

After months of working through data, trends and strategy, we’ve mapped out the Spring Schedule.

Most of April will be spent in London and the Netherlands, where will be partnering with makers, foodies, design, and photography communities. We’ll be teaching workshops, photo-walking, and meeting up with our loyal customers. We’ll be in Australia next, then Toronto where we’ll spread the creative love. With a short stopover in NYC for the Food Book Fair in May, we’ll make our way back to San Francisco where we’ll wrap our 2015-2016 Roadshow in our very own beloved city.

Our favorite thing is meeting people around the world who are as passionate about design, photography, creating, food and, of course, books. We feel so honored to have the opportunity to meet you in person! So, if you live in these cities, or feel like taking a road trip, we’ll be there. Tweet @Blurbbooks and let us know if you’re in the area during the times listed on our calendar page.

We’d love to see you. Happy book-making (and travels)!


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