Bookstore Picks for August

Did you know we have a Bookstore on our site? It’s where you can browse popular or just published works created on the Blurb platform. You can also set your own book up for sale.

Given that our employees love books as much as our customers, we wanted to hear about some of their Bookstore favorites.

Robin – Blurb’s Director of Communications

As a Bay Area native, Robin knows the ins and outs of everything taking place in San Francisco. She spends her time immersed in news, food, sports, travel, and good wine.

Take a look at her top three books:

Journeys in Slides, 3 by Jaydeep Reddy

This is the third installment of Jaydeep Reddy’s wonderful collection of photos from his grandfather’s travels around the world.  All of the pictures in these books were scanned from slides which have been restored and digitized. Many of them were exposed to moisture over the years, adding an artsy yet distinctive vintage look to the photos. This book features slides from cities all over the world including my hometown, San Francisco.


My PRStack: A Practical Guide to Modern PR Tools and Workflow by Stephen Waddington

As a public relations practitioner for 20+ years, I’m constantly amazed at how the PR discipline evolves, almost on a daily basis. It’s imperative to stay up-to-date. My PR Stack features 19 contributors and 40+ practical how-to examples of tools used in PR, content marketing, and search engine optimization. Each chapter runs just two to three pages each, with brief nuggets of insight and real examples that are quick to read and easy to digest.


TWENTY Must-have Wines, the Essential Collection for your wine cellar by Joanne Pasieka

Must Have WinesOne of my favorite hobbies is tasting wine from all over the world.  This great little guide presents wines from different wine regions in a concise and easy-to-read manner, focusing on yummy reds, whites, summer rosés, sparkling/champagne, and port. Add the gorgeous photos of vineyards, grapes, barrels, artwork, and hillside vineyards, and this book provides inspiration to begin (or add to) your wine collection. Cheers!



Meet Amy – Blurb’s Copywriter across the pond (she currently lives in the UK)

Amy has been part of Blurb’s creative team—in various guises—for nearly four years. Being a product of a wildly creative (and slightly mad) family, she fits in well with the Blurb folks.




The Pyramid ManThe Pyramid Man

There’s so much about this book I find wonderful. It’s a touching portrayal of an eccentric man via his son in-law, and a window into a life well lived. The scenes in the photographs are so personal. I almost feel uncomfortable viewing them, but also honored, for a private invitation into their world.


Drawings for Summer timeDrawings For Summertime

Matt Craven’s illustrations are dark and fanciful in their subject matter and masterfully capture the underbelly of the British seaside. Perhaps because it’s a place I myself misspent many a summer’s day in my teens, they’re strangely familiar to me. Finding this book has introduced me to an artist of interest, whose work I one day hope to own.




Love TreesLove Trees

Tradition and passion cry out from the pages of this book. Being in Italian, initially it was the energy and beauty of the photographs that caught my attention. I’ve since learned that it documents an ancient fertility festival called Wedding of the Trees, perhaps one of the oldest existing ‘green’ festivals. I find it mesmerizing.



Meet Brittany – Office Manager at Blurb

Brittany is known as Olivia Pope, “the fixer” at Blurb, which is both hilarious and somewhat true. She is a Bay Area native, born and raised in Oakland, Ca. While she is surrounded by SF sports enthusiasts, everyone in the office knows that she reps her city all the time…Go A’s! Raaaaaaaiderrrrrrsss!! Outside of Blurb, she is a freelance wardrobe stylist and is currently designing a line of women’s footwear called Concrete Couture.


backstage beautiesBackstage Beauties

As a freelance Stylist I have a genuine interest in fashion, especially what goes on behind the scenes. In this book, renowned photographer, Theodoros Chliapas, provides a glimpse of that, taking you behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014.



Cuba people and lifestyleCuba – People & Lifstyle

This book details a beautiful journey through the colors and soul of Cuba, using striking imagery. I have considerable appreciation for the colorful life Cubans have lived without American influences. Untouched for decades, seeing Cuba in its authentic state is refreshing.


sugar free meSugar Free Me

I have recently given up sugar and dairy (for vanity purposes) so this was an interesting and informative read. It’s amazing to see how many natural alternatives exist and how difficult breaking the sugar addiction cycle can be.




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