Creative Ways to Gift Wrap a Book

If you are anything like me, the effort that goes into wrapping a present is almost equal in importance to the gift you are giving. While easy to wrap, heavy square and rectangle packages are easily identified as books and thus steal the thunder away from your beautifully wrapped present and the surprise one gets when opening. Spending years of my life gifting books, I have perfected the art of fun and adventurous wrapping. So without further ado, from easiest to most challenging, I present you with 3 creative book wrapping options for your holidays.

1) Adorn your wrapping

If you are looking to stay in the traditional wrapping world but want to step it up a notch, this is the style for you. I recommend identifying something that gives an idea about the book and can be integrated into the wrapping details. For example, last Christmas I gifted a wine and cheese book set to a friend of mine. I wrapped the books in butcher paper (think what they wrap cheese in at the deli), used twine for the ribbon, and put wine charms in the bow. This concept can be applied to any type of book style; it’s just about determining what the key takeaway is for the book you are gifting.

A few ideas to peak your wrapping creativity:

  • Word Heavy Novels: Glue scrabble tiles to the wrapping with hidden messages
  • Children’s Books: Incorporate tiny stuffed animals of the characters from the book. Alternatively, you can wrap the book in coloring book pages and add colored pencils to the front so kids have fun with the wrapping and the final gift.
  • Photo Books: Use 35mm film as ribbon to create a festive and book appropriate bow.
  • Travel Books: Use a map of the country or city to wrap your books and finish it off with ribbons that represent the city or country colors.

2) Gift with Goodies

Want to step up your wrapping game even more? I present to you the gift with goodies option. Here, you are looking to add-on to the present by complementing the book’s theme. This can definitely be taken in a number of directions, but I encourage you to start thinking about why you are gifting the book to begin with. Typically, when you can figure that out, it opens your eyes to other items that can be incorporated.

When looking to add-on, think about the book category. If you are gifting a cookbook, add types of food or cooking utensils that are referenced in the books. Travel books? Incorporate a few bills of the local currency if they are headed to a new country. If it is a photo book of your travels, hopefully you picked up a few trinkets that you wanted to pass along with the collection of photos. If you aren’t looking to share those collected treasures, add a USB drive with all the digital photos you took so they don’t miss a moment from your adventures. Gifting a book that has been turned into a movie? Add on the DVD or tickets to the movie in theaters.

3) Above and Beyond

Looking to blow away the recipient this holiday season? This style of gifting requires truly thinking outside of the box. In order to go above and beyond, you want to think about wrapping your book in a way that no one would ever guess a book is inside. This could be anything from a hollowed out book, that fits your book inside, to a box filled with popcorn peanuts and your book. There is also an opportunity to merge all three concepts in the above and beyond present wrapping section. Indulge me with the following example. Say you were gifting a book about home decor, you could purchase a throw pillow or decoration that could house the book. Place the book inside the home decor piece, wrap the piece and write a card that lets the receiver know there is “more than meets the eye.”

A few other above and beyond wrapping ideas:

  • Technology focused books: Enclose the book in an iPad- or laptop-branded box and wrap that. While still a “box” it will definitely surprise the receiver.
  • Animal books: Create a cardboard cutout of an animal, attach the book to the cutout and wrap the animal/book combo so it looks like you are gifting a very strange gift. No one will ever guess it is a book.
  • Paperback books: Softcover options give you more opportunities to disguise your book. Roll them into a poster tube, place them in a vase (think a bouquet of books), or wrap them in a pyramid shape.

Hopefully my gift wrapping ideas have helped you decide how to wrap your holiday books. Regardless of how you choose to wrap them, there is no doubt the receiver will enjoy and appreciate your thoughtful gift.


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