Experiential Marketing: Why it’s Crucial and Why it Works so Well for Us

Last fall we launched the first part of our Global Roadshow. It was such an amazing success, which is why we are heading back out this spring. Meeting with people on the ground, working with partner communities, attending conferences and festivals, and hosting small curated events and meet-ups have been a crucial learning and awareness tool for us over the years. It’s great validation for the effectiveness of cross-channel, experiential brand programs.

We live in a world where brand-to-consumer interactions take place primarily over the internet—connections and content are primarily digital. Because of this, creating a physical, tangible experience is an incredibly powerful marketing tool.

Developing experiential programs that create an in-person experience for customers with products, which are broadcasted and promoted through various digital channels, continues to be an authentic and effective way for companies to build loyalists, influencers, and happy customers. It’s the authenticity that makes it so effective.

Blurb is in a unique position: We’re not a physical retail storefront or a company that makes consumer packaged goods. We don’t sell software, or hardware, or subscriptions. We’re in the business of inspiring people to tell their story, showcase their work, promote their art or business, and capture important moments. The end result is a beautiful book or magazine. We’re a tech company that produces a physical, analog product.

Because creation happens digitally, it’s imperative for people to see examples of our books and magazines. We want people to have the opportunity to really see the product. Look at the paper, check out the cover types, see how other people are creatively using the platform. When people see our books, touch the paper, interact with the stories—there’s always a moment when we see the light bulb go off: They can imagine their story coming to life; they feel empowered and inspired to create.

Hosting experiential programs allows people to get to know a brand in a physical, personal way. How does the brand come to life? What’s the brand style? What vibe does it create? It allows customers to meet with the people behind the brand and ask questions in real time versus over email or forums. Additionally, providing customers with an opportunity to meet and greet one another really builds a sense of community.

Ultimately, we’ve found that building cohesive, cross-channel marketing campaigns with a multi-touch approach is the best strategy for an effective program and an engaged community.
Having an experiential program, from meet-and-greets to sponsored events anchors these campaigns, ties everything together, and gives it life.

Check out some of our Roadshow events and see if there’s a chance for us to meet!

Have you been to an event that really connected you to a product? Let us know in the comments below!


  • Corey Olds says:
    Jun 10 at 10:56

    Brenna, it was a pleasure to meet you yesterday! Please find attached some photos from the KID SCRIBES Reading at Town School for Boys in San Francisco on March 29, 2016. That event introduced KID SCRIBES and Blurb to the lower-school community at Town (i.e., students, parents, and teachers).

    Your blog post, which I enjoyed very much, inspired me to think more about how the experiential marketing of which you speak can be further enriched by adding a pedagogical component for kids (grades K-5 and perhaps 6-8) that focuses on the six elements of storytelling and the rules of digital composition. The latter component could also go “on the road” and become a part of Blurb’s Roadshow. I would love to become involved in such an effort!



  • Bobcar Media says:
    Jun 22 at 11:28

    Developing Experiential Programs is always good as it is the key for all the Marketing Strategies.

  • Stephen Hawk says:
    Jul 22 at 12:16

    Thank you for these awesome Tricks & amazing Post!

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