Behind the Book: Fundraising for Best Buddies

Lucas Bacardi-Shriftman has harnessed the power of self-publishing to help raise funds for Best Buddies, a non-profit organization doing vital work to empower people with intellectual and developmental disabilities around the world.

Over the past six years, Lucas has raised more than $150,000 for Best Buddies. With the money he’s raised, his school has been able to start a club, which has spread awareness about the organization and its important mission.

His next fundraising goal is to complete the 2020 Best Buddies Walk for South Florida taking place on Saturday, March 14. To help raise money for this, Lucas designed and self-published his very own book, 365 Quotes of Kindness, and set it up for sale. The book costs $30, with 100% of the proceeds going to Best Buddies.

You can buy your own copy of Lucas’ book or make a donation here.

1. Where did the idea for 365 Quotes of Kindness come from?

The idea came from a day when I was home from school with a migraine and I finished reading a book called Wonder. Later that day, I went to Target with my mom, where I came across a version of the book called 365 Days of Wonder: Mr. Browne’s Precepts. It has lots of quotes in it and it inspired me to make my own quote book.

2. Tell us a bit about Best Buddies and your upcoming fundraising walk.

Best Buddies is a non-profit organization that helps people with intellectual developmental disabilities find jobs and friends. The walk on March 14, is a way to raise money for the cause.

3. Why did you choose to self-publish your book with Blurb?

I chose Blurb because my mom has always made her books with them.

4. How did you find all the quotes for your book?

I asked my family, friends, and classmates for quotes. At first, it was hard, but I kept asking friends and family every time I saw them. Soon I had enough to make into a book.

5. How will you be promoting your book?

I will promote this book by selling it to family, friends, and anyone else who wants to support Best Buddies. People can buy a copy of the book on my fundraising page.

6. How did you decide on the design of your book? How did you choose the colors and page layouts?

I looked at other books I was reading for inspiration and ideas on layout and design. My mom also helped me. Designing the layout was my favorite part of making the book.

Lucas used our free desktop tool, BookWright to make his book. 

7. What’s your favorite quote from your book?

My favorite quote is one from Mark Twain: “Kindness is the language the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”


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