Hit the Books: Promote Your Book with Readymag | Webinar Recap

Hit the Books with Dan Milnor is a monthly webinar about all things book-making and self-publishing. In this webinar, professional photographer Dan Milnor explores how Blurb book-makers can use Readymag to create digital promotional content for their book. If you missed our latest live webinar, don’t worry! We’ve got the entire thing recorded below.

Promote Your Book with Readymag

  • What Readymag is and how it works
  • The key features of Readymag, including templates, forms for data collection, and the “Teamwork” feature for collaborative projects
  • What kind of domain, SSL, and analytics options are available
  • How to integrate Readymag into other online platforms and social media
  • Why a Blurb book-maker might be interested in Readymag
  • Examples and success stories

Watch the Webinar

Top 10 Questions from Our Audience

1. What is Readymag and how does it work?

Readymag is a design tool that allows you to make anything on the web like magazines, galleries, presentations, and landing pages. This works particularly well for showing off your books and publications. Design it, drag and drop it, animate it, and then choose from a library of 1500+ fonts. It’s all just a few clicks before you’re published and online.

2. What are some of the main advantages of Readymag?

It’s one tool that does all the above! No coding necessary. The platform provides total creative freedom, templates, guides, interactive widgets, and more, all inside the same editor.

3. Does Readymag offer SSL and Analytics?

Yes – both actually. You can set custom domains and secure them with SSL certificates. You can also utilize Google analytics.

4. What about other add on’s?

For me, it’s all about forms. With Readymag, you can use forms to collect email addresses or data from your readers. This is something I think is of critical importance, even in 2018. You can also export PDF files. For anyone on a creative team, there is a feature titled “Teamwork” which is a great collaboration tool.

5. How does Readymag handle photo-heavy designs?

This platform is “Retina Ready” which means it will preserve your beloved high-resolution files. The design options (even the templates) use full-screen images.

6. How is Readymag different from Squarespace?

Readymag seems like fewer steps to get something creative online. The editor allows for complete freedom, like starting on a blank canvas in Photoshop, so you can focus on your creativity. Squarespace will require some HTML or CSS knowledge if you want to customize your pages. Plus, Readymag offers a free, beginner package that’s not limited by a trial time limit.

7. How closely related to the book’s visual design should the marketing materials be?

For me? Pretty close. I think there needs to be a cohesiveness to the materials. This will allow the reader or viewer to understand what the project is, and will signal that there are multiple materials and/or projects by the same author.

8. Why would a designer care about Readymag?

Readymag is the first digital platform that successfully serves designers with a fully accurate visual grid, perfect type rendering, and high-end templates.

9. Are there any other aspects of the platform that help with sales and marketing?

Yes, full SEO optimization capability and (equally important!) responsive design. With one click, you can see how your work looks on laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

10. How much does it cost?

There are three versions of Readymag: Free, Creator, and Professional. Blurb customers can save 25% on either of the paid subscriptions. Think about what tools you need and choose the price that best fits your needs and budget.

Stay tuned for our next webinar on November 13th!


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