How I Accelerate My Workflow with Free Mobile Apps

Some designers don’t draw. And some analog tools are hard to find.

When I sketch on paper, I prefer to use non-photo blue pencils. But they’re practically obsolete. My work around is a regular blue pencil. Then I scan my sketch into Adobe Photoshop CC, kill the color frequencies to just have the black and white ink levels.

I tried out Illustrator Draw CC, a free mobile app from Adobe. I wanted to see if it could speed up my pre-production work and give me more time for other details.

Draw’s been cool to work with. It’s got layers and the convenience of digital environment. Here are a few tips to help you get your footing in Draw:

1. Change the location of your toolbar. I’m not left-handed so I changed my settings to put the tray on the right side of the screen.
2. Set up your toolbar with brushes you like. Long-press on a brush to change the individual brush. I like taper. fig 4.2a

3. Associate your brushes with colors. Since I’m working with blue and black, I’m going to set up those brushes and colors from the get-go. Tap the brush once and see the color menu that’ll let you change the color, opacity and size of the stroke for that specific brush.

fig 4.2b

Let’s get started.

• Sign into Draw and start a new Project.

fig 4.2c
• Tap into one of the canvases to start working.

fig 4.2d
• I recreated y blue line sketch on the canvas using the taper brush and here I am inking it with the same taper brush but with black ink.

fig 4.2f
• After my image is filled in, I changed brushes to a basic chisel brush to get that nice edge and angle to mimic tape.

fig 4.2g
• Here’s an update where I used another brush and changed the color to highlight the tape a bit more.

fig 4.2h

Now I got to figure out how to capture reflected light into my piece… stay tuned.




Robert Generette III is an illustrator, teacher, and vector art monster based in Maryland. He is sharing his workflow to create and build a Blurb book, Eject.


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