Instagram Feed to Brilliant Birthday Photo Book in Minutes

Instagram photographs are fun, hip, and often gorgeous—instantly providing us a stream of images full of warmth and character that document some of our most spontaneous (and personal) moments. Not to mention how great they make everyone look! (Filters are everybody’s best friend.)

That makes them the perfect fodder for a birthday book. You could gather a batch of photos of them looking their best, a collection of their favorite moments, a series of images of their favorite things—or all of the above. Wrap them all up in a beautiful mini photo (7 x 7 in.) book that makes it clear how much you care—even if making it was super quick and simple. We won’t tell if you don’t…

Steps to success:


  • Your Instagram feed


  • Blurb’s Instagram-to-book tools


  1. Get started by selecting one of the following tools:Bookify
    Dozens of layout options and page designs for multiple photos and photos with text.Instagram photo books
    Clean and elegant fixed layouts perfect for your Instagram feed, with one photo per page.
    (We’ve chosen the Instagram tool for illustrative purposes here, but you can import your Instagram photos into any of our online photo book tools.)
  2. Import your Instagram feed
  3. Select the pictures you want to use to tell your superstar’s story
  4. Add your commentary, captions, or special messages
  5. Preview and proof your book
  6. Choose your paper and cover options, and order


Get Started Now

It’s possible to make a book like this in just 30 minutes; that’s quicker than a trip to the store and sure to leave the recipient feeling special. If you want to go the extra mile with the presentation, we loved this idea from one of our designers…


Need some birthday book ideas?
Check out some great Instagram book examples from the Blurb Bookstore.
Instashots 2011 | Eric Nahon
benvoluto (Instagram photobook) | Ben Voluto
////// things that make me smile ///// | Hiki Komura


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