Letterpress printing, underground photo walking, and cocktail pairing in Seattle

Seattle’s a pretty inspiring place—it’s a hotbed of creativity, a culinary paradise, and a city of strange secrets. It’s in the Emerald City that we started the #BlurbRoadShow, an ever-evolving celebration of artistic communities in creative cities around the world. Some attendees were longtime Blurb creators, others had never heard of us—we just bribed them to come hang out with us using cocktails and art.

Saturday, September 12: Our first stop was Constellation & Co., a letterpress printing shop in the Queen Anne neighborhood. Constellation & Co. is part of a trend towards handmade greeting cards, but we like them a lot because, despite their devotion to old-school printing methods, they use Blurb to print their wholesale catalogs—the perfect marriage of digital and analog.



Lead by owner Sara McNalley, six lucky letterpress students got to make their own posters using a turn-of-the-century printing press.

Sunday, September 13: An event doubleheader. We started with an underground photo walk that took fifteen intrepid photographers into Seattle’s old-time underbelly. We came to shoot, but many of us just listened to the stories told by our tour guide from Bill Spiedel’s Underground Tours. The collective of Seattle-based photographers got to be tourists in their own town while dealing with the challenges of shooting in low light and often-cramped quarters. Our photographers brought it all, from DSLRs to Rolleiflexes. Afterwards we talked about photo books over beers and bloody mary cocktails.


In the evening, we hosted a group of food and cocktail connoisseurs at the Pennyroyal bar in Belltown. We gilded our guts and livers for six courses, which paired the negroni with beef tartar, the daiquiri with roast foie, the tequila daisy with roast pork loin, the old fashioned bourbon with dry aged ribeye, and the old fashioned rum with roast apples. Yes, before you ask, it is a tough job—but a fantastic way to spread the Blurb love and get people thinking about making food and cocktail books. Blurb author Aarum Hurse was on hand to talk about her book Culinary Cool.


By the time this blog post is live, we’ll have wrapped up the Seattle leg and will be starting work on our New York and Paris trips—with even more cities coming up in the Spring, so check out our events page for details. Want Blurb to come to your town? Post in the comments or hit us up on Twitter and let us know what’s happening where you are. We can’t promise we’ll be able to go everywhere, but we’d love recommendations.

And thanks to our very own Dan Milnor for shooting the shots in this post.


  • William Hoard says:
    Oct 31 at 09:21

    It was a real treat having you all visit us here in Seattle. Pleas do return next year! Or next month, if you’d like …

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