Make a Book (or many!) in Time for the Holidays

Whether you want to make a custom book for a close friend this holiday season or want to make a keepsake for the whole family to enjoy, your book is but a few decisions away. Whether you have 20 minutes or 2 weeks to spare, we’ll get you from idea to book in no time!

If you have 1 hour…

Make a Mobile Book

Your photos on your phone likely feature great photos of friends and family or beautiful shots of where you’ve been. Why not turn your coveted Instagram feed or Facebook albums into a beautiful book for your inner circle?

  1. Download the Blurb Mobile App.
  2. Start a new book in a 7×7 in. or the exclusive Mini Square 5×5 in. size
  3. Pull photos from your Camera Roll or your Facebook Albums!
  4. Upload while connected to WiFi, and order!

If you have an hour and you created your book in one of your favorite tools, you can also use our PDF Uploader to quickly create your print file.

If you have 1 day…

Make an Online Photo Book

Pull photos from Facebook, Flickr, or Instagram to autoflow your images into the pages of a beautiful book. Build your layouts quickly by using one of our Bookify templates.

  1. Open the online tool by choosing a book size. 
  2. Connect to your albums and import.
  3. Create your covers.
  4. Save and Finish your book. 
  5. Place your order!

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

You can also create a custom photo book from your everyday photo editing workflow by using the Book Module in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Choose from hundreds of layout possibilities to create a book in any of the 5 photo book sizes.

If you have 1 week…

Make a Custom Book

A custom book can turn a handful of recipes into a beautiful cookbook,  or it can ensure that your last family vacation continues to be treasured. With multiple designs and layout options, BookWright makes creating a custom book easy. Bring your vision to life with captions and photos uploaded from your computer.

  1. Download BookWright and choose your book size and type
  2. Upload your photos from your computer
  3. Place your photos and text into layouts. For a starting point, try our Templates.
  4. Create your cover.
  5. Upload and order!

Make a professional book

If you want a completely designed book, our Adobe InDesign Plug-In is the way to go. Create and upload your print book and ebook with only one click using our plug-in. Plus, you can take advantage of automatic, customized template creation based on your book size and page count.

  1. Download the Adobe InDesign Plug-In.
  2. Choose Blurb Book Creator at the bottom of InDesign’s File menu.
  3. Create and lay out your book directly in InDesign.
  4. Do your usual pre-flight
  5. Upload and order!

Feeling inspired? Build your book today.

Post updated 11/8/2017


  • bc21578 says:
    Oct 30 at 05:32

    Milena, I look forward to trying this!

  • Thena Cullen Smith says:
    Dec 2 at 09:56

    I can always do another book. Blurb makes it easy and fun. Nothing like getting your new book in the mail. I love that “just published” smell. lol

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