Make Books from Your Lists

Oh, lists. Whether you’ve grown tired of them or can’t live without them, there’s a reason we are drawn to them. And as it turns out, a list is an excellent idea for your next book.

Not to get too meta on you, but we’ve compiled a list of lists for your book-making inspiration. If you have any other great ideas for list books, let us know in the comments below.


  • Food – Make a book of your favorite foods and/or recipes. Or take a break from adding Yelp reviews and make a book of your favorite restaurants. For some extra appeal, get specific. Make a book featuring the best boozy brunches, late-night snacks, or old school diners.
  • Bars and cafés – Whether your vice is alcohol or caffeine, a book of your favorite haunts works well. If you have a drink of choice (latte, Bloody Mary, etc.), organize it around that.
  • Music – Make a book that pays homage to your favorite songs or albums and why you have them on repeat. For extra credit, choose a theme such as a season or occasion (think workout or road trips).
  • Books – A book about your favorite books? Why not? This could be an amazing gift for a bookworm, coupled with a gift card to pick up a few titles of their choice.
  • Movies – Like books, your favorite films can say a lot about you. Get more specific by focusing on comedies, documentaries, or your favorite genre.


  • Hometown Hidden Gems – Everyone has some amazing spots they know that are off the beaten path. It’s time to share this insider info and help your favorite business’ bottom line.
  • Day Trips – No matter where you live, you probably have some favorite getaways within driving distance. Creating a list of day trips with photos and why they’re so great can encourage you and others to explore locally.
  • Places Traveled – Catalog your worldly travels by making a book about the places you’ve been.
  • Where to Time Travel – As a fun hypothetical, make a book about the places and times you would travel back in time for. Would you schmooze with Cleopatra in Ancient Egypt or sweat for a chance at the Summer of Love in San Francisco?
  • Memorable People – When you travel and remain open to conversation, you’re bound to meet your share of characters. Remember those perfect and not-so-perfect strangers by including them in a book of interesting people you’ve met.


  • Childhood Firsts – Document your child’s firsts, from words and first steps to ice cream cone, beach day, and tantrums!
  • Bucket List – Do you have a bucket list of things you want to do someday? Putting them in a book will commit them to memory and make them more likely to happen.
  • The Perfect Day – List out the elements of your perfect day. What would you do, what would you eat, and who would you be with?
  • Quotes – Often shared on social media and lost forever, why not make a book of the quotes you want to revisit?
  • Style – Chronicle your favorite outfits or shoes in a book. Better yet, feature your kiddo or pet!
  • Happiness – Create a list of the things in life that make you happy.
  • Work – Are there jobs that you would be interested in trying, even for a day? Let the child in you dream big and make a book about careers that stoke your curiosity.
  • Fears – Everyone has their own fears. But putting them into a book could be the first step to understanding and overcoming them.
  • Good Deeds – Make a list of everyday good deeds or acts of kindness and make a book about them. It will inspire you and other readers to make them a part of your daily lives.
  • My Top 8 Friends –Make a book about your 8 best friends and what you love about them. Gift it to everyone included.
  • Selfies – So Kim Kardashian’s selfie book was a flop. But there’s no reason you can’t make one of you and your friends.

Ready to make a book? Get started today!


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