3 Reasons to Make and Sell a Book this Holiday

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s a busy time of year for everyone. There’s plans to make, cards to send, and gifts to buy and wrap. But for a self-publishing book-maker, the holiday rush is the perfect time to make a book and set it up for sale. And here’s why …

1. You’ll get on everyone’s list

With friends, families and colleagues to buy for, we’re all on the lookout for thoughtful, unique holiday gifts. It’s not just the turkeys that are in high demand at this time of year! A one of a kind, beautiful book will be at the top of everyone’s gift list. Be sure to check out our recommendations on which book types to make and sell during the holidays.

Top tip
Making a Photo Book to sell this holiday? Choose Layflat paper. Those picture-perfect panoramas will make a truly special gift.

2. You can gain new fans

The holidays usually involve winding down, but for self-publishers, November and December can be a catalyst for growth and expansion. Finish your book in time for friends and family to gift it to their favorites, and you’ll kick off the New Year with a new network of fans who can’t wait to see what you do next.

3. You’ll be ready for the New Year

The start of the year means one thing—New Year Sales! The New Year brings a second wave of shoppers, armed with gift vouchers and looking to treat themselves to something new. Getting your book set up in the Blurb Bookstore, on Amazon, with Barnes & Noble and other major online retailers in time for the holidays, means you’ll be front-of-mind and top of the list in the New Year sales rush.

Get Started Today

Promoting yourself and your book takes time. The sooner you finish your book, the earlier you can begin marketing it on social media, your website or blog, and by emailing your entire list of contacts.

For more tips and ideas to help you spread the word about your book, take a look at our post, Promoting Your Book: 3 Crucial Tools. Or, why not team up with the publishing professionals at Reedsy? From email marketing to blog tours and social media, their expert advice can help get your book off the shelf and under the tree.

Here’s to a happy holiday season—for you and your book!

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