Why you need an author website

You’ve probably heard that self-publishing requires a strong online presence. But what does that mean? We caught up with the web professionals at Weebly to find out how an engaging author website can help raise your profile and boost your book sales.

Benefits of an author website

Your website is the modern-day one-stop shop for potential readers browsing the web. It’s where people come to learn about your story and what makes you stand out from the competition. Creating a website with your author brand in mind demonstrates your personality while getting everyone on board with a unified message.

With a website, you can capture emails from visitors to build a regular mailing list. You can sell your books using the Blurb Preview Tool, update your followers on upcoming events, and create a home for your business to live online.

Using a website, you can also leverage forms and membership tiers to connect with customers and prospects. Use your website as a mechanism to engage with people even before they’re ready to buy your book.

What to include

Your website should answer the following questions:

  • Why did you make your own book?
  • What problem are you solving for your readers?
  • How are you uniquely positioned to solve this problem?
  • What will your customers get, and how will they feel when they read your book?

Every page on your site should have a purpose. The homepage introduces your book. The about page shares your brand story. Your blog provides valuable content and establishes your authority as an expert in your niche.

Layout and design

Visually speaking, the impression your website leaves visitors with is important. Try out colors and themes that connect with your audience.

In design, less is typically more. Your website is not exempt from this rule of thumb. There’s a lot of noise out there, so make sure your website looks fresh, polished, and appealing. A busy page will confuse visitors and muddle your intentions. It’s easy to emphasize your brand without crowding the page.

Use clean, uncluttered graphics.

  • Be consistent with fonts. Use the same fonts the same way. Limit yourself to 2.
  • Keep text blocks to 3-4 lines. Avoid large paragraphs.
  • Avoid using flashing, loud images, unless you have a compelling reason to do so. You want to create an interesting, inviting

High-quality imagery and videos can boost engagement. If you create these yourself, take your time and use good lighting and equipment. Make sure your images are clear and highlight your products’ visual appeal. Check out Weebly’s basic branding rules for more design tips.

Getting and keeping visitors

Engage your visitors! Making your site more of an interactive experience can draw in customers and promote sales. Apps like Testimonials enable customers to leave reviews, potentially boosting trust and sales. You might also install an app like Pure Chat to directly answer customer questions.

Create social media accounts for your author brand as well. This way, if you post engaging content on your site, your followers can share it and tag you, linking more people back to your website.


Feeling inspired? Learn how to self-publish with Blurb and then get started on your author website today.


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