The One-Hour Wedding Book

There’s no single day that inspires more photos than a wedding day. Whether you were in the wedding or just a guest, your phone is probably hiding dozens of funny, beautiful, emotional, or memorable moments in your camera roll.

Those pictures, those great memories, need to escape your phone and get into people’s hands. A fast and gorgeous way to do this is to make a book in Blurb Mobile App.

The One-Hour Wedding Book

Here are the steps:

1 ) Choose your photos.

You’ll need at least 25 decent photos, one for each page (there’s a 20-page minimum) and your best/favorite photo for your cover.

2 ) Clean up your photos.

It will be worth your time to clean up and freshen up your photos with an editing app like Snapseed or VSCO. Crop out distractions, fix brightness, contrast, and colors, then do a little sharpening so that the best versions of your photos go in the book. These tools use easy slider controls, so a quick little photo tune-up goes a long way.

3 ) Open the app, create a new book.

The Mini Square 5×5 in. format is unique to the app, and it’s small enough where you have a lot of leeway in image-size. It makes a fun little keepsake. For something more luxe, go with the Small Square 7×7 in.

4 ) Import your photos.

Remember that you can pull photos from both your phone and your Facebook albums into your books. Your photos will usually import in the same order you selected them, so it might save you a little time to select them roughly in the order you’d like them to be in the book.

5 ) Put your photos in order, adding more pages if you need them.

Pages can only be added in even numbers. If you remove pages or rearrange photos, keep in mind that doing so one at a time may affect all the other spreads.

The One-Hour Wedding Book

6 ) Adjust the layout for each page.

You can choose to have a white margin around your square images, or chose vertical and horizontal layouts for rectangular photos. It’s up to you to choose the layout that works best with the photo and adjust any automatic cropping that happens as photos land on the pages.

7 ) Pick your cover photo for front & back.

This can either be a photo from inside the spreads or a unique one—whatever makes the best introduction to what’s inside.

8 ) Add captions if you have extra time.

While it takes a bit longer, you can add captions to the photos in your spreads to fill out what’s happening, or record thoughts and jokes that happened on The Big Day.

9 ) Upload and order your book.

Don’t forget it’s best to have a stable wi-fi connection for the upload to make sure there are no errors. You’ll want to make sure your book upload doesn’t get interrupted.

The best thing about making a wedding book on the go is that you can do it from anywhere. You already have everything you need in the palm of your hand to turn snapshots and special people and inside jokes into something that’s to have and to hold forever.


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