Photography: Storytelling, Lighting, Posing, Branding, and Marketing Tips

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As a professional photographer, staying informed is one of the best ways for you to expand your skills and grow your business. In a recent event for photographers, ShootDotEdit partnered with 5 industry-leading photographers to share their insights and expertise on relevant shooting and business topics. We reached out to the photo editing company to discover the top highlights from the all-day event. Take a look at these tips you can implement today about storytelling, lighting, posing, branding, and marketing from the pros.

Storytelling starts with you.

Jared Platt, a ShootDotEdit Wedding Pro, reveals that storytelling starts with you. Compelling storytelling requires you to discover who you are and then share it with clients. The story you share starts with marketing and branding for your photography business and continues when clients access your website or see your work elsewhere (a sample album or a published image). When you share a genuine story with your clients, you begin to build trust with them. Storytelling isn’t just what you do with the camera, it’s everything you do.

Images by Jared Platt

Off-camera flash techniques allow you to create memorable images.

Photography duo, Zach and Jody Gray, share how using off-camera flash techniques can help you shoot through any situation, especially when you understand the direction of light in relation to your couple. As a tip, start practicing with something as simple as your flash. Learn how the position of the light effects the look and feel of your images. Then, once you master that, you can move on to more than one off-camera light, or even strobes.

Posing with intention creates genuine interaction and expressions.

Roberto Valenzuela, a ShootDotEdit Customer, dives into how to create natural interaction between your subject. Keep in mind that in every image, your couple needs to have the same energy in their pose. To achieve this, tell them exactly where to place their hands, where to look, and then break the pose and have them do it again in motion. Don’t be shy about providing direction—this will make their pose and their expressions look and feel more genuine in the image.

Check out this quick video of one of Roberto’s posing tips.

Branding mistakes lessen the trust your clients have with you.

ShootDotEdit Wedding Pro, Ben Hartley of Style & Story Creative urges you to share a specific specialty with clients to avoid confusion. If you have trouble narrowing down your specialty, ask yourself “why” questions. “Why do I shoot?” “Why am I a photographer?” “Why have I gone into business?” These questions can help direct you to find the specialty that best fits you. Once you choose a specialty, you can represent it on your website and appeal to ideal clients.

Marketing to ideal clients increases your bookings.

Justin and Mary Marantz, a wedding photography duo, use sample wedding albums to attract and book ideal clients to their business. Use sample albums as free wedding photography advertising to preview your website, images, and business. Connect with your favorite venues to see if you can provide them with a sample album to share. This gesture promotes your work and the venue and brings in more ideal clients for your photography business.

As an additional bonus, discover 50+ articles, all geared toward growing your photography business with ShootDotEdit’s free Guide: How to Grow Your Wedding Photography Business.

These are just a few tips from each industry leaders to get you started on your growth as a wedding photography business owner.  What have you learned as a wedding photographer? Have any tips to share? Do any of these give you a place to start? Let us know in the comments below!


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