Making a Pro Portfolio with Justin Bettman

I’ve been wanting to make a new photo portfolio for a while since I’ve been shooting a ton of new work. The one I was previously using had plastic sleeves, which made it easy to update — however, the plastic was so reflective that it ruined the quality of the images that I was trying to showcase. I started looking into other options, and at just the right time, I found Blurb. I ended up choosing to use Blurb because they make it easy to create professional photo books and magazines in both print and digital formats.

Once I chose Blurb as a platform, I needed to decide what paper would be best. I received a paper swatch kit and ultimately chose the lustre paper since it had a wider color range than matte, but it wasn’t as reflective as glossy paper. I chose a Large Square 12”x12” format book since most of my photos are landscape, though that format would also fit my portrait photos.

Portfolio Book

Blurb has a variety of great tools to choose from (including Adobe integrations) to publish your own works. To create my book, I used their Adobe InDesign plug-in to have full creative control over my book. Since I’m already familiar with InDesign, it was a breeze to lay out the book. After designing my portfolio, I uploaded it to Blurb’s site from inside InDesign and ordered it.

Then came the toughest part — waiting for the book to come.

When the book came, I was blown away by the quality. I had ordered a Blurb book before for a specific project, and I’m stoked to have this book to start bringing around to meetings. The paper feels nice and thick, and the colors are exactly as I had hoped.

Justin Bettman v1

Justin Bettman v2

Justin Bettman v3

I can’t wait to bring this new book around to my photo meetings. I’ve already shown some friends who have been really impressed with the quality and build of the book, and I feel like it is letting my work shine through in a whole new way.

Have you built a book or portfolio to showcase your work before? How was your experience?

Justin Bettman Portfolio

Justin Bettman Portfolio


About Justin Bettman

Justin is an editorial and advertising photographer based in NYC.


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