Self-Publishing from A-Z Webinar Recap

Kickstarter, Blurb, and Reedsy teamed up to offer an exclusive webinar on visual book publishing. Learn how to crowdfund your project, produce a beautiful book, and sell it to the world!

During this free webinar, you will learn:

How to crowdfund your visual book project and build an audience before you create it. Whether you’re thinking of publishing a photo book, a cookbook, or a graphic novel, you can leverage Kickstarter’s platform to fund your project and find your first readers!

How to produce a beautiful, professional-looking book. You may have all the content ready, but turning that content into a proper book often requires more than one person. We’ll give you tips to choose the right editors, designers and product managers for your project, and show you how to leverage Reedsy and Blurb’s free book creation tools to produce a print-ready masterpiece.

How to distribute your book and start selling copies. Should I sell exclusively through Amazon? How can I get into brick-and-mortar stores? And how can I make sure people will actually buy the book once it’s out? We’ll cover all these topics and leave you with a proper marketing plan in hand.

Answer Your Questions Live. Join us live so we can answer all your publishing questions. This is a unique opportunity to get direct insights from Kickstarter, Blurb and Reedsy. Don’t miss out! Please note that this webinar was previously recorded and the live Q&A can be heard at the end.

Here’s a link to download the slides. Happy learning!


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