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[backtoschoolgroup sectionname=”Creation” img1=”” title1=”Choosing the Right Tool for Your Book” subtitle1=”By Trevor Ehle” summary1=”One of the most common questions we get at Blurb is which tool should I use to create my book.” link1=”” img2=”” title2=”
Five Reasons to Go from Blog to Book” subtitle2=”By Jessica Ruscello” link2=”” img3=”” title3=”Introducing PDF to Book Updates” subtitle3=”By Kiran Umapathy” link3=”” img4=”” title4=”
Ten Tips to Make an Amazing Blurb Book with Adobe InDesign” subtitle4=”By Contributing Author” link4=”” img5=”” title5=”Periodical Power: Free Magazine Templates for BookWright” subtitle5=”By Jessica Klimczak” link5=””]

[backtoschoolgroup sectionname=”Inspiration” img1=”” title1=”Defining Your Book Style” subtitle1=”By Kiran Umapathy” summary1=”There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but let’s talk through what options you have and when you might decide to use them.” link1=”” img2=”” title2=”One Project, Many Products” subtitle2=”By Dan Milnor” link2=”” img3=”” title3=”
Kickstarter Book Spotlight: Billy Simons” subtitle3=”By Kent Hall” link3=”” img4=”” title4=”Photo Book Publishing and Wanderlust with Mark Edward Harris” subtitle4=”By Dan Milnor” link4=”” img5=”” title5=”Essay: A Work in Progress” subtitle5=”By Dan Milnor” link5=””]
[backtoschoolgroup sectionname=”Distribution & Fulfillment” img1=”” title1=”Sell Your Book on Amazon: Step-by-Step, Easy Setup” subtitle1=”By Jessica Ruscello” summary1=”Whether you had considered selling it or not, you’ll want to be able to say, “Yes, just search for my name and title”. By following a few easy steps, you can make that happen.” link1=”” img2=”” title2=”
Fundraising: Get People to Buy the Book” subtitle2=”By Jessica Ruscello” link2=”” img3=”” title3=”ISBN: What They are and Why You Need One” subtitle3=”By Jessica Ruscello” link3=”” img4=”” title4=”
How to get reviews on Amazon once you’ve launched your book” subtitle4=”By Milena Canizares” link4=”” img5=”” title5=”
How to Price a Sellable Book” subtitle5=”By Milena Canizares” link5=””]
[backtoschoolgroup sectionname=”Printing” img1=”” title1=”
Your Printing Partners: Blurb Client Services” subtitle1=”By Contributing Author” summary1=”Suppose you want to print books and have them turn out beautifully. Blurb is here for you!” link1=”” img2=”” title2=”Dress it up: All About Blurb’s Custom Book Printing” subtitle2=”By Bruce Waterman” link2=”” img3=”” title3=”Indigo, Inkjet, or Offset–why we offer all three” subtitle3=”By Bruce Waterman” link3=”” img4=”” title4=”What happens after you order your Blurb book?” subtitle4=”By Bruce Waterman” link4=”” img5=”” title5=”Printing: Print on demand vs. offset” subtitle5=”By Milena Canizares” link5=””]
[backtoschoolgroup sectionname=”Marketing” img1=”” title1=”
How to Market Your Self-Published Book” subtitle1=”By Jessica Ruscello” summary1=”Getting your book to sell might seem daunting, but it’s not impossible. You have to make a plan.” link1=”” img2=”” title2=”The Updated Book Preview: A Powerful Selling Tool” subtitle2=”By Trevor Ehle” link2=”” img3=”” title3=”
How to Use Social Media to Sell Your Book” subtitle3=”By Amber Pacheco” link3=”” img4=”” title4=”Making Ebooks as Marketing Tools” subtitle4=”By Brady Kroupa” link4=”” img5=”” title5=”Want to sell more copies? Awareness is key.” subtitle5=”By Contributing Author” link5=””]
[backtoschoolgroup sectionname=”Tips & Tricks” img1=”” title1=”Find Your Book Format” subtitle1=”By Jessica Ruscello” summary1=”Confused about book formats? Not sure if you should make a Photo book, Trade book, Magazine, or ebook? This handy self-publishing infographic will help you out.” link1=”” img2=”” title2=”Photography Tip: Digital Asset Management” subtitle2=”By Dan Milnor” link2=”” img3=”” title3=”Five Tips for Easier Book Formatting” subtitle3=”By Jessica Ruscello” link3=”” img4=”” title4=”How to Make a Great Photo Book” subtitle4=”By Dan Milnor” link4=”” img5=”” title5=”6 Ways to Choose Images for Your Book” subtitle5=”By Milena Canizares” link5=””]

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