The Blurb Road Show Goes Parisian

So far the Blurb Road Show has taken us to creative communities in Portland, Seattle, and New York, and we’ve had a fantastic time meeting and—we hope—inspiring new book-makers. And in two weeks we’ll be touching down in the City of Light. The city of Baudelaire, Monet, Collette, Atget, Nadar, Breton, Lautrec, etc. That’s right, we’re Paris-bound.

We’ll be hanging out with the talented group at Fisheye and announcing the winners of the Photo Storytelling Competition, hosting a Blurb Community Brunch, celebrating Guillame Sanchez’s amazing cookbook at his restaurant, hosting a reception for Ron Haviv’s “The Lost Rolls”, and going on a magazine-making photo walk with the group at Lomography. Some events are sold out already, so check our events page for details and RSVP information.

And of course we’ll look at art, take lots of pictures, mispronounce street names, and probably eat too many croissants. It’s tough work, but someone’s got to do it.

We hope to see you on the road. À bientôt!


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